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​​Welcome to our website for Paw-Print Publications Ltd. 

We are in partnership with our other company Animals-Remembered Association who are a 'not for profit' organisation.  Our joint goal is to raise funds for animals in need via donating funds to rescue homes and re-homing centers in the United Kingdom, Europe and the United States Of America.

Here at Paw-Print Publications Ltd we hope to encourage children and adults to write animal stories or poems which we will publish in ongoing volumes.  The proceeds of the book sales will be donated to animals in need.  Our first and second volumes of the Kids & Pets series are now for sale at Amazon.com and Amazon Europe and we hope that everyone who enjoys these volumes will contribute towards future publications.
All age ranges are catered for in our three themed sections;
Kids & Pets - 4-12
Older Kids & Pets - 13-20
Senior Kids & Pets - 21 and over
We are running a front cover book competition for all kids aged 4 through 12 yrs.
All children can enter BUT we do ask that they write a story about their pet or any animal in order to be accepted into the calendar competition.
All their stories will be published in our next volume of the Kids & Pets series. 
The photographs must be in colour and in digital format, ie, please send them via email to : Paw-PrintPublications@hotmail.co.uk.
Your child must be aged between 4 and 12 yrs and have a pet or any animal with them in the shot.  Please make sure there are smiley faces all round too!
 Our winner will be featured on our next book cover.
Our friend and very talented photographer Jennifer Ann Harris of The Studio in Mold, North Wales will then meet with our front cover winner to produce a professional picture.
This is a free to enter competition - all we ask is that your child writes a story - all stories will be published free of charge with the proceeds of any book sales going to animals in need.
Thank you for taking part.
Good Luck!
We completed our American Book Tour on September 8th 2014 and drove 6709 miles across 12 states to promote our books.  Chat and Spin Radio followed our trip.  It was truly amazing! 








How You Can Help




Please note that we are accepting stories

for ALL our categories -


Kids & Pets 4 - 12 years

Older Kids & Pets 13 - 20 years

and Senior Kids & Pets 21 and over.


There is no deadline... our volumes are continuous so

please keep sending in your stories.

I love reading them.


A big thank you to Ian Johnson and Ron Clark of

Chat and Spin Radio for adding us to your webiste.

Here is the link for all those who would like to know

more about Chat and Spin Radio

and to read our ongoing

advertisement for the

Kids & Pets Series. 




We are asking everyone to write stories about animals.  To give you an idea of some of the stories we had for volume one of Kids & Pets then please take a look at our book preview.  You will notice that some of them are from children without pets and some are animal poems. 

​There is a mix of everything including stories about their friends & families pets.  We even had a couple of imaginary pet stories. 
The first volume is hilarious, innocent and heartwarming.  The smile you will wear after reading it will last for days.  This book and the rest that follow are not just for kids to read.  If you are like me and your inner child is still present then you will love every word!


The feedback we have received suggests that bedtime is now a more popular event for younger children and a more energetic one for those slightly older!
​If you click the picture book below you will be redirected to Facebook where you will be able to read the Terms & Conditions of our photo competition.  If you visit the Kids & Pets page and the Contact Us page on our website you will find more information and if you have any questions then please get in touch. 



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