Older Kids & Pets

When you really think about it, growing up with a pet or around any animal does change your life.  We don't see it as much when we are younger but everything we learn then impacts on us as we mature.  Our first loss is the most painful, I remember being devastated.  I recall asking a lot of questions and in the end although I didn't quite understand it then, I was introduced to the 'circle of life'.​​
Children thrive having pets around, whether it be a hamster, a cat, dog or a goldfish.  ​
Kids and pets have a special bond and they help each other grow.  Encouraging your children to write about or research their pets gives them a deeper understanding of the breed, their special needs and their characteristics.  
Interaction is important for a child's cognitive development and it sparks the desire for learning.
Please join us by encouraging your child to write about their pet and let them know that by writing they are helping to rescue and re-home animals in need.
The other bonus of course is that they will be published & famous!


Terms & Conditions
You have seen the book, maybe even read some of the pages via the ​preview here or on either of the Amazon websites.  It matters little if you are an occasional story teller or an up and coming author - we want your stories!  The idea is to accept every story so that there will always be ongoing volumes of you're work which in turn means I can donate to more animals in need. 
If this is what you want then please read on:
We accept stories and poems from ALL children that are aged between 13 and 20 years of age.
You're child can continuously write stories in every new volume of 'Other Kids & Pets' up until the day before their 21st Birthday. 
Please note that I accept only one story per child per volume.
All stories or poems must be no more than 145 words and must fit into one paragraph.
I only accept text. 
No illustrations will be accepted.  I use my own animal illustrations at the top of each chapter.
I accept stories and poems from ALL countries - you're work will be translated to English.
You agree that all proceeds of the books will be donated to animal charities.
If you are happy with the terms and conditions above then please feel free to ​contact us.  I look forward to working on and publishing the first volume,  and all the volumes that will follow. 
Thank you for taking part.
Click the goldfish for more information
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