Senior Kids & Pets

My most memorable read when I was younger was My Family & Other Animals by Gerald Durrell.  I can still smell the garden he describes right down to all the different types of flowers.  It enchanted me all those years ago and it still does today! 
The Senior Kids & Pets volumes are for anyone aged 21 and over.  There is a child within us all so it is only fair that us oldies have our own series!  I accept animal stories and poems from all countries and will publish every single one. 
As with my other themed books there will be a photo competition for the front cover of each new volume.  I must insist that there is a pet/animal accompanying you and that you are smiling!
Having ongoing volumes means that more proceeds can go into enriching the lives of animals.  I will over time be supporting more and more rescue and re-homing centers so if there are any you would like to suggest then please drop me a line.  I am always happy to hear your recommendations. 


Terms & Conditions
If you haven't as yet then please take a look at the preview of our first ever volume of Kids & Pets here.
It will give you an idea of the layout I will use for the Senior Kids & Pets volumes.
If you are still keen to write in then please read on:
We accept stories and poems from ALL senior kids that are 21 and over.
You're inner child can continuously write stories in every new volume of 'Senior Kids & Pets' so you can be published in every book if you like!
Please note that I accept only one story per person per volume.
All stories or poems must be no more than 230 words and must fit into one paragraph.
I only accept text. 
No illustrations will be accepted.  I use my own animal illustrations at the top of each chapter.
I accept stories and poems from ALL countries - you're work will be translated to English.
You agree that all proceeds of the books will be donated to animal charities.
If you are happy with the terms and conditions above then please feel free to ​contact us.  I look forward to working on and publishing the first volume,  and all the volumes that will follow. 
Thank you for taking part.
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